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"My boss just asked me to justify the cost. I told him that I would pay out of pocket if necessary"

"Thank you for your excellent service!"
Frank Volgstadt
Volgstadt and Associates

"WinDOT's functionality, ease of use and vast amount of information make it a must have for not only code/compliance engineers but anyone involved in operating gas or liquid pipelines! ViaData has continuously strived to provide a superior product with high levels of customer satisfaction."
Paul R. Amato
Manager of Pipeline and Station Operations
Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company

Welcome to ViaData LP

ViaData LP
is a software publishing firm, specializing in providing useful data in a friendly format. Hence, the company motto "Information on Demand". Our focus is in Pipeline Safety, making complex regulations and interpretations easy to use and understand.

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WinDOT, The Pipeline Safety Encyclopedia

WinDOT, "The Pipeline Safety Encyclopedia" is the flagship product for our company. It is a reference application for the federal Pipeline Safety regulations, linked to over 1000 written interpretations compiled in Windows Help format. Searching the regulations is easy and intuitive. The regulations, interpretations and amendments are all hyperlinked, to make finding the pertinent documents simple and uncomplicated.

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New Applications – History of the Regulations, Gas and Liquid

ViaData has compiled all versions of the Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations since their adoption.  This new WinDOT product contains the complete text of all regulations after every amendment, showing the old text and highlighting the new. Final rules for each amendment are included.  This is a great research tool to assist your compliance programs, saving valuable time when researching the code changes and effective dates.

See a sample here