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"My boss just asked me to justify the cost. I told him that I would pay out of pocket if necessary"

"When I accepted the offer, I specifically said WinDOT had to be part of the package"

"The navigation and functionality is wonderful. Very user friendly. I love that the GPTC Guide and the PHMSA Enforcement Guidance is listed in the Table of Contents; so convenient. The search function is so much faster. So far I love it"

"WinDOT's functionality, ease of use and vast amount of information make it a must have for not only code/compliance engineers but anyone involved in operating gas or liquid pipelines! ViaData has continuously strived to provide a superior product with high levels of customer satisfaction."
Paul R. Amato
Manager of Pipeline and Station Operations
Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company


The persons and companies listed below are working associates of ViaData LP. They use WinDOT and provide editorial and product development assistance.

These associates are available as independent consultants to assist you in pipeline safety and regulatory compliance. Please view their website or information page (see left) and contact them directly for information.

Clarion Technical Conferences 
Clarion provides continuing education, training courses, publications, and forums for exchange of ideas and experience with new technologies and developments in the oil & gas, pipeline, process, power, and energy industries. Today, managers at all levels must have a solid understanding of technical operations and a firm grasp on management issues and technologies that are available to improve operational performance, safety, and reliability. Clarion's products provide this knowledge and experience on a continuous worldwide basis.

Leading Edge Compliance 

LEC Distribution software is the most comprehensive suite of paperless wireless software on the market.  The LEC software is designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of the user by providing your company with instant access to information, available at any time from anywhere in the world.

Leak Investigation and Tracking Module – Provides the user with the ability to track leaks from the dispatching of the leak to resolution or final repair.  The program allows the user to document in detail all construction damage.

Customer Service Module – Provides instant access to Customer Service Orders including Non-pay Disconnects as they are worked.  Orders can be reassigned to Service Workers as workloads change.

Compliance Inspection Module - Provides automatic compliance inspection and scheduling of
Cathodic Protection, Flow Control Valves, Leak Surveys, Malodorant Tests and Regulator Inspection. 

The LEC program provides anytime status analysis/reporting of operations, maintenance and compliance.  All with one time data entry and with all trips to the site linked to one document.  The modules have editable dropdown lists and automatic date insertion and order numbering

PanAm Pipeline Technology, Inc.
Cesar de Leon, PE

Mr. de Leon is nationally recognized as an expert on the federal pipeline safety regulations. He worked in the Office of Pipeline Safety for over 20 years, serving as manager, including Director and Deputy Associate Administrator. He authored many of the interpretations in WinD.O.T, has been of invaluable help to ViaData in obtaining documents for inclusion in WinDOT Cesar can be a valuable asset to your organization for regulatory compliance issues.

Technical Toolboxes, Inc.
Joseph R. Summa
President & CEO

Mr. Summa has over 25 years experience in the energy software and solutions business. He is one of the founders and President of Technical Toolboxes, Inc.(TTI) and subsidiaries, a leading supplier of integrated software solutions for the energy market. TTI integrates various ViaData supplied regulations and standards within TTI's "Toolbox" line of products. TTI and ViaData work together in a strategic partnership on various products and projects including Operator Qualifications, international regulations and standards, and on-line electronic documentation and internet solutions.