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"My boss just asked me to justify the cost. I told him that I would pay out of pocket if necessary"

"When I accepted the offer, I specifically said WinDOT had to be part of the package"

"The navigation and functionality is wonderful. Very user friendly. I love that the GPTC Guide and the PHMSA Enforcement Guidance is listed in the Table of Contents; so convenient. The search function is so much faster. So far I love it"

"WinDOT's functionality, ease of use and vast amount of information make it a must have for not only code/compliance engineers but anyone involved in operating gas or liquid pipelines! ViaData has continuously strived to provide a superior product with high levels of customer satisfaction."
Paul R. Amato
Manager of Pipeline and Station Operations
Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company

Rapid Update Service™

ViaData conducts a daily scan of the Federal Register for notices concerning the pipeline safety. New items are added to the Regulatory Updates file and all subscribers and registered users of the Rapid Update Service are notified by e-mail.

The Rapid Update file is available to subscribers via the automatic download and installation process built into ViaData applications.

If you do not have a subscription to a ViaData product you are invited to register for the Rapid Update Notification Service. You will receive an e-mail notification whenever items are published in the Federal Register. You can then use the Regulatory Search Page to find and view the new items. To locate the newest material, look at the publication date in the search result listings.