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WinDOT Government New User or Renewal Request

Please follow these 3 simple steps to renew or receive a new WinDOT-on-the-Web government subscription:

  1. Read the full Terms and Limitations for Use of WinDOT-on-the-Web below,

  2. Enter your first name, last name, and email, and

  3. Click the Accept and Submit Button


After clicking Submit, an email confirming your acceptance of the Terms and Limitations will be sent to ViaData, the PHMSA Training & Qualification Office, and you.


ViaData will send you another email with your account details within 2 business hours of submitting this form. If you do not receive your account details within 2 hours, please contact or (800)-817-6649.


Terms & Limitations for Use of WinDOT-on-the-Web

WinDOT-on-the-Web is provided exclusively to the PHMSA Office of Pipeline Safety, Inspector Training and Qualifications Division (TQ),  specific contractors of OPS, State partners, and other government agencies approved by PHMSA and ViaData. Distribution is prohibited to any other Federal or State agency, contractor, operator, or other interested party. By using WinDOT-on-the-Web, provided by ViaData LP, you are certifying your acceptance of the terms of use which provides WinDOT to your organization.

Your username and password are unique to you and are to be used only by you for access to WinDOT.  Any distribution of login credentials or enabling of access to non-Government inspectors, pipeline operators or any other personnel is strictly forbidden under these terms of use and may lead to revocation of your ability to access WinDOT-on-the-Web.

This release of WinDOT-on-the-Web is no longer downloadable to your computer; it is now a web-based software. A commercial version is available from ViaData L.P. by visiting or calling 800-817-6649. 

ViaData recommends the use of the current version of Google Chrome as your internet browser, especially if you are working on an Apple platform. You may also use Internet Explorer 9 or higher or the current version of Firefox. 

By clicking Accept Agreement & Submit below, you are confirming the following:

  1. You have read, understand and agree to comply with the Terms and Limitations outlined herein regarding the use of WinDOT-on-the-Web Software.

  2. You agree that you will not download, duplicate, distribute, loan, transfer, alter or modify the WinDOT-on-the-Web Software in any manner;

  3. You agree that no distribution or copies of the WinDOT-on-the-Web Software will be made available by you via the Internet through web site postings or links to any web site;

  4. You agree that you will use the WinDOT-on-the-Web Software for the sole purpose of assisting OPS Federal and State inspectors, enhancing the PHMSA Pipeline Safety Training Program, or use by other agencies subject to agreement of PHMSA and ViaData; and

  5. Managers/Supervisors accept responsibility to ensure the same requirements of all their employees who use the WinDOT-on-the-Web Software.