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Welcome to ViaData


Information on Demand

ViaData LP specializes in providing useful data in a friendly format, hence our motto, “Information on Demand." Our focus is Pipeline Safety, making complex regulations and internal customer manuals easy to use and understand.

We Offer 2 Product Lines



Save time and money with the Pipeline Safety Encyclopedia



Manuals On-Line


Get the same benefits of WinDOT for your internal manuals.

About Us

Founded in 1995, ViaData has been enhancing safety and productivity for almost 30 years by combining our industry knowledge with the latest innovations in electronically delivered manuals and applying them to the pipeline industry.


We are based in Houston, Texas, and we are proud to count most North American pipeline operators, from the smallest to largest, and many legal firms, consultants, and government agencies as happy clients.

Please get in touch to learn how you could use ViaData's products and services to improve your safety and productivity while lowering costs and employee frustration.

About Us
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