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WinDOT eliminates the frustration of searching across the internet for the assortment of documents you need to maintain the safety and compliance of your pipeline system.

About WinDOT


Spending far too much time searching for the pipeline safety regulation resources you need to do your job?


WinDOT is an unrivaled cloud-based resource that solves this problem by providing everything you need for pipeline safety compliance in one convenient online location, which is why it's called the "Pipeline Safety Encyclopedia."


We've invested over 10,000 hours, and counting, consolidating everything you need into one place, linking it together, grouping related documents into each code section, and keeping it all up-to-date so you save a massive amount of time, effort, money and frustration.


Take a look below at the features of WinDOT that will save you time and money. Then, please use these buttons to request a trial, to set up an online personalized demo, to place an order, or to ask any questions. We'd love to hear from you!

Available Documents

  • ​49 CFR Parts 190-199 & 40 - Gas, Liquid, and Drug & Alcohol

  • 40 CFR Parts 60, 98, 112 and 1604

  • 30 CFR Part 250 Subpart A, J  & Q 

  • Coast Guard Regulations

  • GPTC Guide for Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping

  • State Regulations for all 50 States + D.C.

  • History of the Gas and Liquids Regulations

  • Interpretations & Guidance Materials

  • Advisory Bulletins & Alert Notices

  • Waivers & Special Permits

  • Amendments, Summaries, and Final Rules

  • Audit Guidelines

  • Enforcement Actions and Guidance

  • Docket History / Regulatory Reference

  • Service Line Drawings

  • Guidance Manual for Small LP Gas Systems

  • Guidance Manual for Small Natural Gas Systems

  • Guidelines for Operator Qualification Program

  • AGA Integrity Management For Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

  • APGA Natural Gas Industry Glossary

  • PHMSA T&Q Enforcement Guidance Terms and Definitions

  • Common Ground Alliance One-Call Directory

  • Part 192 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Jurisdictional LPG and Tank Drawings

  • National Fuel Gas Codes

  • TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines and Notices

  • Gathering Line Jurisdiction

  • PHMSA & NTSB Safety Investigations and Recommendations

  • Pipeline Reporting, Inspection, & Registry Forms

  • OPS Reporting, Inspection & Registry Forms

  • PHMSA Reports to Congress

  • OSHA Pipeline Safety Regulations

  • Common Ground Alliance Best Practices

  • Pipeline Safety Emergency Special Permits

  • National Mapping Standards for Pipeline, LNG, and Breakout Tanks

  • Technical Standards for AGA, ASME, NACE, & NFPA

My boss just asked me to justify the cost. I told him that I would pay out of pocket if necessary.

WinDOT Documents

I love that the GPTC Guide and the PHMSA Enforcement Guidance are listed in the Table of Contents; so convenient.

Grouping of Documents

A major time-savings benefit of WinDOT is that related documents are grouped within each CFR code section for quick access. Clicking on those related documents opens them to their sections that are relevant to the currently selected federal code.

A good analogy would be opening an encyclopedia to a specific topic, and having it magically pull the other related books from the library shelves, and open them for you to the pages that are relevant to that same topic.

Examples of the related documents are interpretations, enforcement cases, guide materials, amendments, docket histories, FAQ's, drawings, permits, and many more.

The navigation and functionality is wonderful. Very user friendly.

Navigation Features

  • Code references are clickable links to the relevant section

  • Each Code Part is organized by an easy-to-use table of contents

  • Context sensitive glossary with inline definitions

  • Formatted for use from phones, tablets, and desktops

  • Print code sections directly to your printer

  • Cut and paste code sections into documents and emails

The search function is so much faster. I love it!

Powerful Search Features

With the sheer size of the Code Parts and the related materials, such as interpretations, waivers, alerts, and guide materials, a powerful search tool is important to help you save time, effort, and frustration locating the information you need.

WinDOT includes simple search features, as well as advanced Boolean search features with AND, OR, and AND NOT capabilities that make it easy to narrow the results to just the materials you need to assure safety and compliance of your pipelines.

ViaData continuously strives to provide a superior product with high levels of customer satisfaction.

History of the Regulations

Have you ever needed to know what the regulations were on on a date in the past? With the WinDOT History of the Regulations for Gas and Liquids, you can!


This subscription add-on from ViaData shows the complete text of all regulations after every amendment, back to 1970. It shows the old text in strikethrough, and the new text bold and underlined. Links to the final rules with preamble are included. 

This is a great research tool to assist your compliance programs, saving valuable time when researching the code changes and effective dates.

WinDOT would have saved me a week of research if I had purchased it sooner.

GPTC Guide

As an additional value, the Gas Piping Technology Committee Guide is included at no extra charge with subscriptions to the WinDOT Federal Gas Regulations.

The GPTC Guide provides operators with recommendations and references for complying with the federal gas pipeline safety regulations. The guide covers 49 CFR Parts 191 and 192 in detail, and dates back to 1970.

The GPTC is sponsored by the American Gas Association and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. The committee meets 3 times per year to update the guide, and those updates are added immediately to WinDOT.

When I accepted the offer, I specifically said WinDOT had to be part of the package.

Technical Standards

With many technical standards incorporated by reference in the Code of Federal Regulations (and therefore federally enforceable), ViaData offers the option to purchase standards from these organizations:

  • American Gas Association

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers

  • National Fire Protection Association

While priced similarly to other reseller options, the benefit of purchasing technical standards from ViaData is that they are delivered in the same user--friendly and feature-rich electronic manuals format as WinDOT, as opposed to PDF files.

Technical standards can be purchased separately from our subscription services, and you own the ones you buy for life, even if you are not a WinDOT subscriber.

WinDOT's functionality, ease of use and vast amount of information make it a must have for not only code and compliance engineers, but anyone involved in operating gas or liquid pipelines.

Always Up-To-Date

Daily monitoring for changes to federal and state regulations, related documents and guides is a key part of the WinDOT service that can save you a significant amount of work.

In addition, we offer our free Rapid Update Service to alert you proactively of any changes to federal and state regulations.


WinDOT is updated within one business day of any changes, and as a cloud-delivered service, you can feel confident that when you log in to WinDOT, you are using the latest information to maintain the safety and compliance of your pipelines.

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